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T5 LED Tube Light ,2Ft,3Ft, 4Ft, (10W,14W,18W) White/Warm White/Cool White

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  • Integrated LED T5 LED undercabinet light in Cool White 6000K , Only Using 5W Of Power But Super Bright , Ideal Fluorescent Replacments Around Home And Kitchen.
  • T5 Tube lights are the future of low energy with very long life operation, Energy-Efficient & Environmentally Friendly with no hazardous materials like mercury commonly used in fluorescent tubes.
  • LED tubes benefit excellent 50-70% energy savings over traditional fluorescent tubes, High quality aluminium alloy body which acts as a heat sink to extend the life of the LED's
  • The milky plastic cover helps to dissipate light and improve appearance, Our LED tube lights look exactly the same as fluorescent tubes when turned on but use half the power.
  • LED tubes have no flickering or interference, instant soft start and low heat, Delivers more lumen's per watt, less heat radiation, Supplied with Fixings & Instructions.
About Installation:
These LED Tube Lights could plug & play or be hardwiredto wall switch.

Replacement for conventional fluorescent light, applicableto indoor lighting such as home , villa, restaurant, hotel, lobby, showroom,shopwindow, conference and meeting rooms, factories and office, buildings,underground parking area, shools, colleges & universities, hospitals,places where there is a need for tube lighting and high color rendering index lighting.

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