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Round LED Panel Light White / Warm White / Cool White 6W 9W 12W 15W 18W 25W Recessed Ceiling Lamp Ultra Thin

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Product Details


  • Diameter: 120 mm
  • Cut Size: 110 mm
  • Diameter: 145 mm
  • Cut Size: 130mm
  • Diameter: 170 mm
  • Cut Size:160 mm


  • Diameter: 195 mm
  • Cut size: 180 mm
  • Diameter: 225 mm
  • Cut Size: 210 mm
  • Diameter: 300 mm
  • Cut Size: 280 mm
Application Areas:How to choose the lights color?
Living room, bedroom, kitchen, washroom.
Conference, meeting room, show room, showcase.
School, university, hospital, hotel.
Supermarket, department store, etc.
  • 3000K: Used in family, hotels, coffee shops and other warm and sweet environment required.
  • 4000K: Used in home where need a soft white lighting atmosphere.
  • 5000K: Used in office, working area, shopping mall and other commercial area or some place where need super bright.
This Non-Dimmable Ceiling Panel Light Used of Acrylic Which Not Only Makes The Light Soft, Protect Eyes, But Also Safe And Long Lifespan.
Ultra thin design, the panel light exactly embedded ceiling, makes the ceiling flat
Save electricity bill, save over 80% on electricity bill of lighting, the saving is more than pays for it self
Easy installation. Can be easily fitted instead of ordinary recessed light fixture
Lower maintenance costs. 50000 hours average extremely long life reduces re-lamp frequency and save your effort to replace lights
Color: White 6000K / Cool White 4000K / Warm white 3000K
Power:3W 6W 9W 12W 15W 18W 25W
Light direction: Downlight
Voltage: AC85-265V
Material: Die casting Aluminum
Average life: 50000 hours

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