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IP45 Waterproof Outdoor Solar Power PIR Sensor + CDS Night Sensor Volente Wall Light Garden Lamp

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Product Details
  • Solar Panel: 0.9W, 17% efficiency
  • Battery: Li-Ion 3.7v 1200mAH
  • Material: ABS
  • Automatic sensor activates in darkness
  • Solar charging time: >8 hours
  • Motion angle and distances: 120°c, 3M
  • Delay time: 30s
  • Switch: OFF/AUTO
  • Size: 195*119*46mm
  • Sensitivity Sensor: 3M
Easy to install it on walls, trees, metal and glass.
Using grade A+ battery cells, large capacity, long standby.
Intelligent sensing system provides overcharge, over voltage, short circuit and more security protection.
Auto sensing: Detecting light brighness and human motion automatically.
3 Mode conversation:
  • Mode 1: Light control- It will auto turn on light during the night or at the dark area and auto turn off during the day time or at the bright area.
  • Mode 2: Dim light + human induction + light control- It will auto turn on dim light at night, when people come close about 3-5m, it will turn on bright light for 15-25s.
  • Mode 3: Human induction + light control- During the night time or at the dark area, it will auto turn on light when sensing human movement, and it delay 15-25s when people walk out of it's sensing range then it will turn off.
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