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50W Solar Charge Controller/Mini Home Solar Power System/Solar Generator

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Product Details
  • Solar panel: High efficiency polycrystalline silicone solar panel
  • Solar Panel size: 510*540*26mm
  • Battery: Lithium 11.1v 12AH
  • Product size: 165*235*170mm
  • Charging time: 8-10 hours to charge 50W solar panel (according to average sunshine time and sunlight intensity in different region)
  • Working time: 2pcs 5W DC LED bulb can be lit for at least 8-12 hours: Fan only can be running at least 4 hours.(according to the actual electricity consumption the OUTPUT power of the device is determined)
  • Function: The battery charge and discharge has overcharge and disovercharge protection function: when overload the short circuit protection electrical equipment is used, the fuse (10A) has the circuit protection function of excessive current
  • Operating Tempature: -20℃― +50℃
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